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Title: barstool racer
Author: Roy Lightning Hersey
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Description: I built this homemade go kart after seeing some similar vehicles online. Somewhere between 2005-2007, I sourced a kit welder and over 90% of the parts in my Northern Tool supply company catalog. A lifelong dreamer of becoming bada** car designer, I taught myself to weld and got to work! A local metal supplier was my steel and aluminum grocery store, Home Depot furnished the necessary nuts, bolts, and random hardware, Murray's auto supply had my flamed barstool to chop down to chair height, and the powertrain, also from Northern Tool, was a Honda 5hp OHC I believe for a Roto tiller! I snatched a stick-on HEMI badge from the local u-pickem junkyard, had to change sprockets once because top speed was too ridiculous (easily over 30mph)! final top end was a more manageable and kid/grandma friendly 20 ish mph (see 2007 photo of my 76 year mom Ethel!) Unfortunately, this is the only remaining photo of this particular toy as we sold it, gently used haha, after a few years of flat out fun. But I have LOADS of photos of other toys and stories if you let me keep on submitting!

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